30 Sep

Der Förderverein unterstützt die Sprachreise der 9. Klassen mit 800 Euro. Wir danken vielmals dafür.


Was so eine Fahrt für einen Schüler bedeuten kann: ein Erlebnisbericht von Lara Reichardt, Klasse 9/2:

The journey of my life

If somebody asks me now „ How was your journey?“ I would say…right – what would I say ? Actually I think that this question cannot be answered so easily as it seems to be. Well, for me this journey was not only a journey like any other journey, somewhere in the nowhere. It was a journey to a completely different world.

I can remember the 23rd may when we talked about the journey for the first time. Everybody was full of anticipation and great expectations. Would it turn out to be a good time – full of a lot of fun, surprises and good experiences? Will my host family give me a warmly welcome? And not to forget – what about the food? Often you can hear terrible things about the British food. But the day of the departure was far, far away and almost unreal. And only three months, one week and one day later the day was there. Nobody can tell me that there wasn’t any nervousness and excitement. After saying goodbye our journey started and nobody could know what would happen after the ride of sixteen and a half hours.

When we crossed the North Sea by ferry it became true- we arrived in England. For some of us it wasn’t as spectacular as for me because I touched the English ground for the first time. The excitement didn’t last very long and we arrived at the Cavendish School of English and we were allocated to our host families. It was a real strange feeling to be so far away from home and simply to belong to another family. But fortunately our host family cared about us very kindly and warmly in contrast to the families of some other classmates who weren’t so lucky. Instant of bread with cheese they got remoulade. Instead of clean sanitary facilities in their families they had to go to a fast food restaurant to go to the toilet. On top of it all almost all of us got a bad cold.

Well, lets come back to the trips and the breathing time. After our arrival we had some time to get in contact with the new surroundings. At once we noticed something – the English seemed to have much more time than the Germans. Nobody was in a hurry! The time seemed to stand still. I didn’t have the feeling that the people there would have a sign around their neck with the following words „Do not disturb!“. All of them were very relaxed,polite and friendly. In contrast to the people in Germany. This was one of my biggest positive experiences I had in this time. On that day there was something embarrassing. I wish I had remembered the meaning of the word vegetable. Let me tell you about it. My host mother asked me if I would eat vegetable and I said no because I confounded it with vegetarian food. One of my friends later asked me in German if I really wouldn’t like to eat vegetables.  And so I realized my mistake and had to correct it. On the second day we were shopping in the centre of Bournemouth. On that day we were at the language school where we divided in different groups. On the 3rd day – in my opinion the most exiting day – we visited Oxford. This City has two sides of a medal. On the one side it is a art city with a very important history and the famous Oxford University for rich elite students who can afford everything. On the other side Oxford is a very expensive place and many homeless people must try to survive everyday. Nevertheless I think that Oxford is a lovely city- always worth a visit.

The next day we could join several lessons at school.Then we did an excursion to Winchester.Well, this is a really interesting town with many legends about it. There we learned more about King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Later we left this place to go to Bournemouth beach. We enjoyed the beautiful beach and a cup of good old english tea.But my personal highlight was on Thursday when we had a full day trip to Portland, Weymouth and Lulworth Cove. In Portland we had an amazing view of the landscape.Another highlight was the stony beach in Waymouth. Last but not least we visited the Lulworth Bay where the pirates of the Caribbean was shot.Back to our host families we had a short time to rest. A pleasant experience for me to join the Karaoke evening. Although I felt not very well and I am a very shy person.I had a performance together with my classmates. What a nice feeling.

Soon the day of the home journey was there. It seemed the whole time would pass like in flight. After our last school lessons we had some time until 4 o’ clock- the time to say goodbye to England.The last time we spent with a ride on the ferris wheel, shopping and a walk on the beach.Finally we were in a little cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee. At that moment of silence I started to think about the last days. Isn’ t it magic how slowly the time runs by when we wait yearningly for something on the one side and how fast time goes by when we experience beautiful moments? That’s why it is so important to hold tight and to remember as many beautiful moments as you can. I realized that this time in England was not only a normal class trip.It was much more for me! It was a time with lots of new and good experiences. To put it in a nutshell it was a time I will never forget in my whole life.Maybe, there is another time to meet. Who knows what the fate keeps ready for us…

Life is good !  🙂


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